Specializing in live music entertanment from all genre to include Rock, Soul, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Cover, Modern Country, Touring Bands and so music more. 

Hosting shows at premier music venues.

Univeral Bar And Grill. Located in North Hollywood, Ca. down the street from Universal Studios. A 7 days a week live entertainment venue with a state of the art sound system. Patio, Pool Room where you can enjoy the live show everywhere

Advance online ticket purchases are highly suggested due to sell out shows have happened. 

Advance Online ticket purchases secured by PayPal         Advance Tickets $8.00: At the door $12.00


Experiencing Life with Great Live Music

UBG has the ingredience for a great experience. Music is not the only thing people love, When you step through their doors you are enveloped by the an appreciation of 80s Rock, 90s Pop dance, soothing blues, modern country and any other type of music that gets your head bobbing and your pulse pounding. Their food will be their way into your heart, Their music will make its way into your soul. They invite you to come for the music and food, stay for the experience!!!!!!